Modern warfare has changed the battlefield. Russia doesn’t have power ability from a tactical or strategic point of you to win a modern war even using asymmetrical tactics. They don’t have the economy to build or sustain a war machine. Corruption in Russia runs so deep that even if they had modern equipment it would still be inferior to western equipment and most likely poorly maintained.

Russia, lost 25 million soldiers in World War II. Germany lost 2.5 million. Germany was fighting a war on multiple fronts. Had Hitler not been an idiot and only attacked Russia, he would’ve defeated Russia, in under three months. In 1909 when Russia attacked Japan, Russia got clobbered. One historical failure of Russia is their total disregard for their soldiers.

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Russia started this war because of its failed economic policies. Russia became the Soviet union because its failed economic policies. Russians are not the smartest people on earth, and they’ve proven that since before Stalin came to power.

Russia never developed a decent economy. All Russia has to offer the world as fossil fuel and fossil fuel is becoming obsolete. Russia has nothing that the world wants. Their technology is a joke and manufacturing is a joke. The reason for this is because of the decades long brain drain. Smart people leave Russia for better lives and opportunities. Russia continues to lose population. People don’t migrate to Russia because Russia sucks. All there is in Russia, his corruption and despair. The average Russian male only lives to be 65 years old.

This is not a proxy war against the United States or against Russia. It is a civilized world defending a civilized country against barbarians. It is a smaller country using superior military technology, bravery, and guile against a bully that will soon be destroyed by the democratic technologically, advanced, progressive nations of the world that now have learned not to tolerate criminals like Vladimir Putin. Not even China will support Putin. The only countries that are supporting Putin are Iran and North Korea. That speaks volumes.

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