You are right, of course. I lost friends over that hysteria.

People are still getting fired over the mandate policy in Canada, we are still not allowed to travel...

Media switched to Ukraine months ago.

"And now for something completely different"

Best phrase/verse/ mental virus I encountered online this week :

"Can't believe it's Monkeypox season already.

I still have my Ukraine decorations up."

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It’s a matter of humanity. People who don’t get sick can’t spread the virus. 1,100,000 Americans have died from Covid because they refused to wear masks and get vaccinated. I can understand your reluctance to get a vaccine especially from criminal companies like Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer, but they did have the option of getting Moderna.

They were anti-VAXers and my family, and everyone of them got sick. Some of them got very sick. The ones who are vaccinated who got Covid had very mild cases.

One example of the depravity of the anti-VAX mob is when they booed Trump for getting the vaccine.

Vaccines are mandatory for healthcare workers and people in the military and they have been getting vaccines for many decades. Their protests against the Covid vaccine is just one more example of their hypocrisy.

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Jan 7, 2023·edited Jan 7, 2023

I find it funny how there's a small demographic of people who, like me, spent their 20s swallowing and snorting anything they could get their hands on, regardless of whether it was cut with rat poison or talc, but who are now suddenly worried about disrupting their "bodily integrity" by taking a vaccine. Whatever you think they're putting in the vaccine can't be any worse than what some lad in his ma's basement was putting in your pills. So why get up on your high horse now?

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